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nantucketwildgourmet-05Over the years, Nantucket Wild Gourmet has catered for literally thousands of events and all of our clients have been more than pleased with what we had done for them. We would like you to read some of the comments that they have left us after our collaboration.


When my now-husband and I were getting married three years ago, we wanted the ceremony to be a small and an intimate one at our house, with no more than 20 guests and in an atmosphere that was going to be romantic and demure, so to say. We heard great stuff about this catering company called Nantucket Wild Gourmet before and we decided to visit their offices. We talked with them for hours and in that one consultation, we together designed the whole ceremony and especially the menu. I was very excited that they came up with a personalized menu that was not just in stock but that was to be perfect for our wedding. They also decorated the house and they really put on a spectacle. It was everything we wanted out of our wedding, it was romantic, the food was too delicious and all of us were more than happy with what Nantucket Wild Gourmet did for us and our guests.

Tamara and Sergio Carbonari, Boston

Last year, my boss told me that some of our partners from Europe were coming over and that I had to organize a nice, quiet dinner for them and some of the people from our company. I was very happy to be given this responsibility but I also soon found out that I have no idea about how to do this. Luckily, a friend of mine recommended Nantucket Wild Gourmet and I visited them that same day. It was obvious from the get go that these people were on top of their game. They asked me who will be attending the dinner, how many people there will be, from which country exactly they are coming and what the overall atmosphere should be. We agreed on everything in less than two hours and when the time came, the dinner was more than successful. Our partners were astounded with the food and the overall feel of the dinner and my superiors were over the moon with what I pulled off. I can only thank Nantucket Wild Gourmet from the bottom of my heart.

Deborah Stanhope

nantucketwildgourmet-04We first hired Nantucket Wild Gourmet to do catering for our anniversary dinner four years ago and every next anniversary we knew who to call. Every single year, they come up with something even better than the year before and we already know pretty much everyone that works at Nantucket Wild Gourmet. We have become their regular clients and they sure know how to take care of their regular clients. They know even before we call them that February, 26th is our date and they already have a menu prepared. We have been by more than a few of our friends that our anniversary has become their favorite gourmet event of the year.

Gary and Stella Howard, Boston


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